Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Special Items

Treat your dog to something Special

Setting up the Event

How it works.

True Vision One is a portable portrait studio that specializes in pet photography. In the past two years True Vision One has taken pictures of dog, cats, birds, snakes, hamsters, gerbils, turtles, reptiles and even a lemur.

All of that is done in the portable studio which is set up in your store and provides your customers with a special service which you don’t have to pay for. Not only is it free to you, you make money off every customer that buys pictures. The typical amount is five percent. Which based upon the normal weekend is about $30 for a weekend. Most of the pet stores have True Vision One donate the fee to their local adoption group that is in their store though.

Back to the set up, the mobile studio take an area of about 7 feet by 9 feet for the back drops and the lights. The customer table takes a little bit more room but can be adjusted to an area that is convenient.

Typically, I am at a location for three days, but each location is unique and hours and days very.

Before the event.

Prior to the photography event, True Vision One will supply your store with fliers to pass out to the customers, posters to promote the event, and sign up sheets to help keep the activities well organized.

Most stores pass out the fliers in the customers bags and have the sign up sheet either near the registers or in the grooming area.

If you find you are running out of fliers, just call or send an e-mail and more will be sent our right away.

The best part is all the fliers and color posters are customized to your location and dates of the event.

Portrait Prices

The best part about True Vision One pet photography is the price. There are several area pet photographers and many are great at what they do. However, True Vision One is unique in being such a small operation the cost are lower and the savings are passed to the customer.

The typical promotion is a $10 sitting feel which covers 4 poses and printing of the pictures for the sale day.All pictures are delivered to the store for the customer to pick up later that week usually in about four days.

Of course most people love their pets and True Vision One is great at capturing the personality and expressions of their furry family member.

A complete portrait package that I return to the store with on the sale day includes 8 -8x10s 8-5x7s and 32 wallets. They can get all those pictures for $160 for the whole package. Of course, prices per sheet are available as well.

More to offer.

Having fantastic pictures may be a great thing to offer, but at True Vision One, we have even more.

We also offer items with their pets pictures on them. Items such as tote bags, mouse pads, coffee mugs, acrylic cut outs, woman’s scarves, magnets, sandstone coasters, blankets and even more.

These items are made to high quality standards and will last for years. Plus if the customer wished they can buy the images on a CD-ROM and make their own items.

Last but not least.

All staff of your store get the full portrait package with all the pictures for only $80.00. That is a savings of $80 and is True Vision One’s way of saying “thank you” to you and your employees for all your help.

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